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Il Vuoto, new project

Il Vuoto (the void) is the title of the new photographic project that I'm currently working on.
Subject: those peripheral areas where human settlement and countryside meet.
Location: cities and towns of the Pianura Padana region (northern Italy).
Style: black&white, 45mm equivalent fixed focal length, square format. I may add images with different format if the subject demands it.
Theme: I wish to convey the absurdity of modern urban development, revealing urban areas (be it private or public) built with no interest in concepts like beauty, social function, respect for the historic and environmental identity of the territory where we live; an urban space that spreads, dilutes itself, into the countryside thus effectively giving up its own identity in relation to its surroundings (because there are no more surroundings).
Such urban space becomes a place without identity, a non-place as defined by Marc Augé: the void indeed.

I didn't define any deadline for this project, so I would like to share it as a work in progress, posting new images as I shoot and process them. I look forward to receiving your comments and opinions. You can follow the project development on Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr.

Posted by Luca Setti on 05/02/2014
in: Projects
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