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Commute Dreams Hero il Vuoto
Commute Dreams

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Commute Dreams

I created these images at the beginning of the year and kept them away until now. These are all images shot from a moving car, my car actually, during the short trip from home to work more
Posted by Luca Setti on 25/11/2016
Hero vs. Dino


Hero vs. Dino

I'm about to take the picture when a family approaches me. What is that, asks a little girl. I reply: it's a robot! Her father rightly explains to her that the robot is getting ready to fight... more
Posted by Luca Setti on 23/01/2016
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2015. November 26 - Corso su Copyright e Diritto d'Autore c/o Circolo Petroniano delle Arti - ore 21.00 - Via Dell'Ospedale 20 (nuova sede AVIS), Bologna - LINK
2015. November 12 - Corso su Copyright e Diritto d'Autore c/o Fotoclub Il Palazzaccio - Via Alberti 17, San Giovanni Valdarno, AR - ore 21.30 - LINK
2015. October 31 - Lightroom Workshop FotoArt - Castello di Levizzano, Castelvetro (MO) - LINK
Luca Setti


Luca Setti (b. 1980) grew up in a small town in the plain of Northern Italy, where he currently lives and works.
After getting a diploma in humanities he studies Economics at the University of Bologna, where he graduates in 2004.
He discovers his passion for photography in 2006. Self-taught, he masters different systems and formats, both analog and digital. In 2013 he becomes Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop Lightroom.... read more